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  • Emergency Contact Number : +222-47155076


Embassy of India

Address: ZRF ND S1-0243, F.Nord, TVZ-Nouakchot, Mauritania
Tel: +222-47155076 : E-mail: cons[dot]nouakchott[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in


Guidelines for Passport Services

The Passport is a very important document.  It should be kept up to date by renewing it before it expires.  Its loss should be reported immediately to the local Police authorities and also to the nearest Indian Mission.

Passports are re-issued on expiry of final validity and it can be done one year before expiry, on exhaustion of visa pages, damage or loss, changes in appearance or particulars etc.

How to apply
Application to be filled online, using the website: - 

  • Fill in the remaining columns by hand
  • Put signature/thumb impression in the specimen signature box, at the first page and put your signatures/thumb impressions along with date and place at the other pages in the relevant column(s).
  • please fill the Personal Particulars Form

NB: Please note that Passport is made on the basis of entries made by an applicant in the online form. Therefore, ensure that all entries in the online, as well as printed application form, are correct.
Check List for Supporting Documents:
• Original Passport with self-attested copy of first and last two pages as well as any page/s showing any stamps of Passport Office/Passport Issuing Authority.  If required, original passport will be returned to the applicant for travel purposes after verification.  It would, however, be necessary to surrender the original passport for cancellation at the time of collection of new passport. 
• Residence card/work permit/L-visa confirming residence in Mauritania with self-attested copy of the same.
• Four passport size recent, coloured photographs with white background; (one of them pasted on the first page of the application form & unsigned)
• Proof of address in case there has been change in address; e.g. Electricity, water bill, driving licensee, bank pass book etc. with self-attested copy of the same.

Note: You may be asked to fill Personal Particulars Form  in case of No Data/Incomplete PVR
Application for Duplicate Passport in lieu of Lost/Damaged Passport:
 Application for duplicate passport can only be made after a personal interview with the Consular Officer.  Kindly contact the Embassy to set up an appointment.   Please note that you would be required to bring a

  • self-attested copy of the lost passport and
  • the FIR made to Police, in original.

After the interview, the Embassy may require additional doc